Every owner of an SUV wants to experience all its capabilities and get cash for scrap cars near me. Body modification will not only make the car stand out on the road, but also significantly affect its safety. The best way to prepare your SUV for the challenge is power tuning. All the benefits of such modifications will be given to the power bumpers, the choice and installation of which should be entrusted to professionals.

In the online catalog of the online store “Autocentre 4×4” there is always a wide range, trusted manufacturers and only quality products for tuning and protection of SUVs.

Every car owner chooses how he wants to improve his car. The choice of tuning depends primarily on the conditions in which the vehicle will be used. Our service team suggest starting the modification process by installing a power bumper. This type of modification has a number of advantages and will widen the possibilities for further upgrading of your car.

Benefits of installing a power bumper:

1. Winch mounting option.
It can be installed on the horizontal platform of the factory bumper, but it is better to attach it to the wall reinforced. All holes are made in the bumper, winch operation becomes more comfortable and it becomes easier to control the rope while winding.
Using a jack.
There are special cut-outs in the power bumper for it. The car in a raised position is more reliable, providing security of its service even in difficult terrain (sand, dirt, soil).
3. Headlights.
Front power bumper design provides better visibility for the driver. Headlights integrated into the power bumper provide a more powerful beam of light, which will be a tangible plus in off-road conditions at night.
4. Passability.
After installing the power bumper the passability of the car will significantly increase. He will be able to overcome obstacles without noticing on his way bushes, rocks or fallen trees.
5. Appearance.
No more you will not remain unnoticed on the road. Car tuning by means of a power bumper will give your car uniqueness and will show its character.


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