Air filters are important for a car to run properly and for a long time. Without them, debris and harmful particles would get inside the engine, leading to accelerated wear and tear and failure literally “before your eyes.” The air filter traps the debris by letting the air flow through. As a result, you avoid frequent visits to the car service for car engine repairs. But if the car is already broken, then call scrapping car for money.

In order to choose the right air filter, you need to know some subtleties.

Most often on the marke

t there are “dry” air filters, made of special filter paper from the manufacturer “Hollingworth & Vose” (Germany). The efficiency of such filters is 99.5%. No manufacturer has so far surpassed this value. To reduce the chances of foreign substances getting into the car engine with the air, the gaps between the filter part and the body are filled with plastisol – a polymer material. As a result, a 100% airtight system is obtained.

For more demanding motorists, manufacturers have developed filters made of foam rubber. They have such advantages:

zero resistance in contrast to paper competitors;
do not reduce engine power;
Possibility to independently remove the foam rubber insert and wash it with the subsequent installation on the initial place.
The only disadvantage of this type is the noise that accompanies the air intake.

If you are seriously concerned about power, we recommend to think about “cold air intake” systems. Their intake tube is located below the engine. As a result, a cool air stream enters the engine. There are disadvantages to such a solution:

laboriousness of installation (you will need to remove the front wheel).
In conclusion, let us mention the “wet” air filter. This type is optimal for installation in Russian trucks – Gazelles. This is a tank made of metal with used mineral oil. It captures contaminants and suspended particles from the air flowing through the filter.

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