An adjusted and properly functioning ignition system is one of the prerequisites for the absence of critical engine malfunctions and the smooth operation of the car. It is imperative to ensure proper spark plug gap to ensure a good spark and complete combustion of the fuel in the vehicle cylinders. Otherwise you have to find out scrap prices mississauga.

The gap on the candles is usually understood as the distance between the central and side electrodes. It depends on this how correctly and efficiently the formation of a spark occurs, and, consequently, the combustion of fuel. When using a car, this gap can change, which leads to improper combustion of the fuel-air mixture, increases fuel consumption, the car starts to consume more gasoline, and, ultimately, it requires expensive repairs.

What does the spark plug gap affect?
To many of us, such a gap of spark plugs may seem insignificant, however, if the electrodes are located too close or too far to each other, ultimately power is lost, fuel consumption increases, engine malfunctions may appear, the engine hardly starts and stalls at idle … Often, when such symptoms of malfunctions appear, car owners perform expensive diagnostics or engine repairs, while such problems can be solved simply by checking and adjusting the spark plug gap.

Optimal spark plug clearance
Usually, manufacturers of spark plugs in the documentation for their products indicate what the optimal indicator for th

e gap of the spark plugs will be, which allows for correct combustion of the fuel. Too large a gap allows a powerful discharge to be obtained, but the stability of such a spark deteriorates significantly. In some cases, sparking does not occur, as a result, misfires are noted, the engine starts to work intermittently. Moreover, a similar situation with an increased gap on the candles is characteristic not only of worn-out candles, but also observed in new ones, which were incorrectly adjusted at the factory.

The minimum small gap between the electrodes allows a stable spark to be guaranteed, but the power of such a spark is often insufficient to ignite the fuel-air mixture. As a result, the fuel does not even ignite in the cylinders, which leads to a quick failure of the catalyst, and its replacement will cost a lot.

It is believed that for carburetor cars, the spark plug gap should be 0.5-0.6 millimeters. But for modern injection engines, the candles should have a gap of 1-1.3 millimeters. These recommended parameters should be borne in mind when choosing spark plugs, the documentation of which indicates what are the possible ranges for adjusting the electrode gap.

If necessary, the car owner can measure the spark plug gap with a feeler gauge, and bend the side electrode using a special tool, which allows you to adjust the gaps, ensuring the correct operation of the car engine. It should be remembered that such control and adjustment of the gap must be carried out every 20,000 kilometers, which will avoid problems with the ignition of the car.

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