How to choose wiper blades – this question occurs to every motorist. This topic is especially relevant in winter, but brushes can also require replacement in summer. How to understand that it is time to change wiper blades, how often they should be changed, how to choose wipers and prolong their service life? Buying wiper blades if your car is trashed is stupid. You should recycle that car. You’ll get great money for it:

Timely replacement of the brushes is important for safety. If the wipers do not do their job, there are stains, dirt, snow on the glass, visibility is impaired. According to statistics, due to poor visibility occurs up to 30% of traffic accidents. The operating conditions of a car in Russia cannot be called easy, neither can the climatic conditions, nor the quality of road surfaces. It is the job of a car owner to regularly check the degree of wear of the brushes and wipers and replace them in time. Replacement should be done once a year or after 10-15 thousand kilometers. It is recommended to do this in the spring or fall – before the onset of winter, when the brushes work harder in worse conditions, or after, when they become unusable.

There are a number of signs that indicate the need for replacement:

Streaks on the glass can indicate dirt in the grooves, water freezing in the grooves, which prevents the band from flexing. Cleaning the edges may be sufficient. If cleaning does not help, replacement is necessary.

Streaks remain due to deformation of the wiper blades due to dirt, sand. Solve the problem motorists advise using sandpaper, but it is better to replace the construction.

Stains, smeared dirt, unrubbed places remain due to deformations of the wiper when the car stands for a long time in the frost or in the sun. Parts need to be replaced.

Squeaking and grinding is an alarming symptom that requires replacement.

Poor work of wipers is associated with damage to the design itself, poor fixation of the lever or an oil film on the glass.

How to choose wipers?

There are winter and summer varieties. They differ in the degree of hardness, elasticity. There are universal parts. In general, when choosing, you should be guided by the following points:

Type of brushes


Features of the fastening design

The length and type of mounting should match those available. You can install wipers longer if the gap between the brushes is large and the coverage area of the glass allows. It is important to check that the wipers are not touching each other or exceeding the glass boundaries when operating.

Good, quality brushes are distinguished by a number of attributes:

The color of the rubber is uniform and free of roughness, scuffs and other defects

no kinks or pinching in the rubber mounts

suitable length

Flat edge without rounded areas on the tape.

Types of brushes

Wipers are presented in the car market quite widely and varied, differ in price, manufacturing company, material, type of construction. There are three main types:

Carcass .

Classic, widespread wipers. They consist of a metal frame (aluminum or iron) and a rubber tab. The pluses of the design – affordable cost, uncomplicated installation. It is important that the bushings are made of highly durable plastic, which serves reliably in conditions of low temperatures. Disadvantages – short service life, which is 3-4 months, after which the tightness of the brushes decreases, there are strange sounds, the wipers do not cope with the function of cleaning.


Frameless wipers are a rubber-plastic construction in the form of a spoiler. The body contains plates with a rubber blade in the center. Aerodynamic form reduces noise during operation, they are resistant to icing, have a long service life. The disadvantages include the specificity of the form – the curved wiper is not suitable for all windows, as well as the type of attachment is not universal. In addition, the part has a higher cost compared to the frame ones.


Hybrid ones combine the qualities of the previous two types. They have a frame and a spoiler. The design provides a high tightness to the glass, suitable for cars with any shape of windshield, have a long service life. High cost is justified by the duration of use.

How to extend the service life

Even inexpensive wipers can last longer if you adhere to the rules:

do not use the wipers dry, use glass washer fluid, this will reduce the degree of wear of the rubber.

Periodically rinse the parts with water, clearing accumulated dirt, sand.

In winter, do not dilute non-freezing liquid for windshield washing with water, it will help to avoid ice setting on the wipers and reduce wear and tear.

Do not try to operate the wipers when there is ice on the windshield.

Wipe your windshield regularly with special wipes, remembering to clean the windshield wipers.

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