When selling a personal car, it is understandable that the owner wants to get the maximum amount of money for it. Such decision is quite logical for any make and year of manufacture, as price fluctuations can be several tens of percent and the current owner is able to sell at the maximum value. For this purpose it is enough to correctly prepare the car for sale, paying attention, first of all, to its exterior and technical condition. If the old car still can’t be sold, it can be recycled: https://towingandscrapcarremoval.ca/blog-post/retire-your-ride/.

Peculiarities of the pr


eparation of the exterior of the car

The appearance of the car is the first moment, which draws the attention of a potential buyer and forms the first impression at once. For this reason, as the specialists of buyoutcar.ru advise, it is worth paying close attention to it. In general, in order to increase the market price of the car, it is worth to perform the following works (in the presence of appropriate defects):

perform general polishing of the body;
Remove chips on the body;
Wash the car and clean the interior;
replace worn mats, covers and other items;
polish the optics, giving them a new look.
In your work, the main thing is not to overdo it. The reason is the big expense and the appearance of the thought in a potential buyer that you want to pull dust in the eyes. If you are not selling the car for parts, then the presence of ordinary daily dirt w

ill be quite normal, which confirms the absence of serious problems.

Peculiarities of technical condition control

The second option is the control of technical condition, as a potential buyer may want to check it personally or at the service station. In order to prevent problems we recommend you to come to the service station in advance and control the following parts:

shock absorbers and struts (their problems will be immediately noticeable during the test drive);
knuckles and joints;
pivots, rods and steering rack;
hub bearings;
brake system.
If you yourself at least occasionally use the car, you should periodically monitor the condition of the running gear and other issues. In case the car has been parked in the garage or in the yard for a long time, it is worth paying attention to the technical condition. The reason is the presence of hidden problems, which may be due to trivial forgetfulness.

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