Maintenance of the car lies not only in checking the levels of liquids, their replacement, regular installation of new filters and the like. You also need a comprehensive diagnosi

s of absolutely all units and systems, including the exhaust tract. The exhaust system not only affects the loudness of the machine and its environmental friendliness. Its work also affects the vibration level and traction characteristics. This is confirmed by people who are engaged in scrapping heavy equipment.

Exhaust system damage is mainly caused by temperature and mechanical stresses, but chemical factors are not negligible. When driving off-road, parts of the exhaust system can get caught in the bumps in the road. Something will get crumpled or punctured as a result. In the winter, even in the city, you can get caught in an unkempt and icy snowdrift on the low underside. As a result, separate parts of the system are damaged – a muffler, for example, a casing, etc. In such case it is necessary to repair exhaust system of the automobile. Replacing the muffler’s bellows is also included in this concept.

How much does it cost to replace a muffler’s bellows? Replacement of the corrugator will cost you from 500 to 2000 rubles at the car service center. Self-interference without professional tools can lead to the need to replace the catalyst at a cost of $ 500-1000.

Let’s see why you need a muffler bellows, and what it is. Another name for a corrugator is a bellows. The element can usually be found after the catalytic converter. The corrugator is designed to reduce the vibrations that always occur during exhaust. Without the bellows, all resonance would be transmitted directly to the car body. In principle, the corrugator saves absolutely all parts of the exhaust system from breakage and damage, preventing accelerated wear of the entire exhaust system during the exhaust stroke. Thanks to the corrugation the engine gets some degree of freedom for small movements in longitudinal direction. A muffler bellows is an elastic link that provides the vehicle with comfortable performance.

The muffler’s corrugation consists of three layers:

Outer corrugated tube – ensures that the exhaust system is protected from engine vibration.
The outer protection of the corrugated pipe is a stainless steel braid of the pipe, which plays the role of a reinforcer. It prevents the corrugated pipe from overstretching and breaking.
The inner protection of the corrugated pipe is also a stainless steel braid (Innerbraid). The main purpose of this braid is to protect the corrugation (its two previous layers) from the thermal effects of exhaust gases. Also with the help of the inner layer the gases are distributed evenly inside the corrugation.

The second layer of inner protection are stainless steel plates interlocked with each other (Interlock). They provide an even greater level of thermal and vibration protection.
Muffler corrugation repair is usually needed in the following cases:

There was a collision with an obstacle that was sticking out above the clearance of the car.
The cuff has gone through a tremendous amount of heating/cooling cycles.
The frequency of a socket replacement or repair depends on the extent of its damage.

It should be noted that the bellows may have both three-layer and two-layer construction. There may be more than one in the exhaust system. Most often, two corrugations are found in cars with V 6-cylinder units.

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