The main characteristics of the tire: maximum speed, galvanic properties and wear resistance

Maximum speed of the tire

What the manufacturer recommends to us should be seen on the side of the tire. It not only indicates the maximum speed to be driven, it also limits the speed of the vehicle up to the maximum speed symbol on the tire. The higher the index, the better the qualities of the tire. Many tire manufacturers recommend get car scrapped toronto.

A high index is needed for drivers who like to drive. Drivers are limited to the maximum speed by road conditions and signs, but you should not skimp on the speed index, reducing below the recommended norm. Signs of summer tires. These types of wheels are used by drivers who drive a car when using tires in temperatures less than 7 degrees Celsius.

Galvanic properties.

This property indicates how well the tire holds up on dry or hard surfaces. This rating is affected by the composition of the rubber, and the contact area with the road. Galvanic properties in the wet. Determined on hard, wet surfaces. This property depends on the presence of tread and some additives in the tire. Controllability. Influenced by the shape of the tread pattern, the hardness and stiffness of the central part.

Tire durability

The mileage of the tire depends on its use and on the driving style of the driver, suspension, shock absorbers. A violation of these rules will result in a dramatic reduction in the tire’s mileage. The parameters of durability; the openness of the tread, the composition of the rubber, the carcass structure of the tire that effectively stabilizes the shape of contact in motion.

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