Tire fitting is a demanded service in car services. The number of tire repair shops increases every year and gives motorists to choose a company according to the affordability of prices, location and skill of employees. What are the main services included in tire service, how to choose a tire repair shop and what to pay attention to – read in today’s article. But before we begin, we want to recommend
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What is tire service

Tire fitting is the removal and mounting of a car tire from the disc, the procedure is performed for subsequent repair or replacement. Carry out the procedure yourself, if you have the necessary tools and equipment, as well as to take advantage of the help of specialized car repair shops. It is important that if you perform the auto work yourself, you risk not tightening the bolts to the end or allow other errors, which can lead to irreversible consequences, up to an accident on the road.

Tire fitting is relevant in the change of seasons, when the change of winter to summer rubber. Some workshops provide tire storage service for the coming season. This service will be relevant to those who have no opportunity to store tires in the garage or other premises.

Basic services of a tire fitting shop

When you visit a car repair shop that provides this service, you will be offered a range of work, which includes:

Tire fitting. Direct removal of the tire from the autodisc.

Washing the wheels. The procedure of washing the wheels is mandatory, as the accumulated dirt can have a negative impact on the process of further repair and installation.

Balancing. The balancing procedure is performed on specialized machines, allowing for the correct distribution of the load on each individual wheel. The balancing is an important step in the tire fitting process.

Repair. Time and complexity of repair work depends on the nature of the damage. If repair is impossible, a new tire will be installed.

Vulcanization. Vulcanization is a method of repairing cuts and punctures in the tire. Rubber is used as the repair material, which is heated and melted to form rubber. Vulcanization is a reliable method of repairing minor tire damage.


Other services are also available at tire shops: picking up, painting and repairing rims, checking tire pressure, and pumping nitrogen into tires.

Types of tire repair shops

When choosing a workshop, it is important to understand where you are going and what services the company provides. There are two types:

Stationary tire fitting. A popular type of service available in any auto center. All kinds of services are available here, including wheel balancing, vulcanization, tire storage.

Mobile tire fitting service. Mobile service station, which provides services with a visit to the client. The set of mobile tire fitting services is limited and is aimed at quick elimination of an emergency situation. The main advantage is the rapid response and performance of works in situations where there is no possibility to deliver the car to the specialized service.

There are other criteria that determine the type of tire fitting shop:

Light, where only passenger vehicles are serviced.

Truck, which serves heavy vehicles.

Specialized, the main focus of which is the service of collectible, rare cars.

How to choose a tire fitting shop?

In view of the big choice of such services, motorists often have a question “How to choose a tire fitting service and what to be guided by while choosing?”. Because of the competition in the market of auto services, it is necessary to choose a service station responsibly. The quality of the auto works, the equipment used, tools and materials, experience of the auto service specialists all affect the final result and safety on the road.

The basic criteria that help to determine the choice:

Modern equipment installed in the service. The quality and service life of the equipment is an important indicator on which the accuracy and the final result depends. Equipment for balancing, measuring tools, welding and assembly equipment are the basic equipment of a workshop that provides high-quality auto services.

The wide range of services speaks for the competence of the workers and their ability to undertake difficult work.

Familiarize yourself with the reviews of the chosen auto service, talk to its former and current clients. Find out how many years the auto center has been operating, as well as the competence and experience of its employees.

Correlate the feedback with auto services offered by the center. The high price may not always indicate the quality of services. In some cases, the prices are lowered on purpose to attract more customers.

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