Buying a car is a serious financial investment and you should treat it with cold calculations, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of certain models. On what you can save when buying a car we will consider further. 

First of all you should define the requirements to the future car: configuration, technical characteristics, peculiarities, maybe a body color, what you can save when buying a car. It is also necessary to establish the price category of the car available at the moment. A clear idea will help you to discard unsuitable options and expensive offers from sellers. One way to save money is to recycle your old car. The money you get is a good discount:

Competitive car dealerships

When choosing a new car from the official dealer it is advisable to visit three or four salons, conduct a test-drive of the models you like and inquire in detail about possible promotions and purchase options. The salon managers also offer related services, Casco insurance or additional features that can be waived in order to save money.

When the choice stopped at the most suitable variants, the open comparison of offers of different dealers will become an additional incentive for managers – competition among car salons plays into the hands of buyers. The more time the dealers spent on the potential client, the higher the need to close the deal, so the real client will be given additional discounts and bonuses. You need to approach sensibly and understand if the salon is really ready to give in the price or it is a formal compliment in the form of interior mats or accessories. In addition, unpopular models have lower prices.

Using a Lease or Car Loan

As a rule, salons provide clients with special programs to buy a car on credit. There are cases when it is more profitable to buy a car on credit, later repaying the loan early. It is also necessary to consider the offers of automobile salons to purchase a leasing automobile. It is necessary to mention that if you use such tools, you should thoroughly calculate the possible benefits, comparing offers of different dealers and companies.

Advantages of buying in trade-in

Most manufacturers implement a trade-in program. The dealer usually offers a lower price than the market price for the old car, but provides a good deal on the purchase of a new car.

Bargaining is always acceptable

Buying a car from a private person or a car dealership, you should remember that the real value of the car is on average 10-15% lower than the declared value. When buying a car from hand, you should carefully assess the technical condition of the vehicle: if you notice serious defects, it is better to refuse such option, because the repair may cost a lot of money. On the contrary, minor defects can significantly reduce the value of the car: chips, scratches, corrosion marks, tuning, left from the previous owner.

In conclusion, we should note that the car sales market is seasonal; there is a noticeable decline in sales in December-January, at which time it is possible to buy a new car a bit more profitable. Salon managers are also willing to offer tempting discounts at the end of accounting periods for the sake of the sales plan.

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